Stroopy Apple Pie Syrup

Stroopy Apple Pie Syrup

Stroopy Apple Pie Syrup


Stroopy Apple Pie syrup is made with real fruit.

Created in Montagu, the world renowned fruit basket of South Africa by Church Street.

Let’s face it, syrups in shops have been boring for so long! Stroopy changes all that with a variety of fun flavoured lekker sweet syrups.

Stroopy is for kids and the adult inner child and can be enjoyed with almost anything.

Lunch box sarmie’s have a new best friend and Stroopy is also delicious on pancakes, waffles, flapjacks, ice cream, milkshakes, milk and more.

Stroopy lekker sweet syrup in easy squeeze 500g bottles, Local is Lekker!

Ingredients: pure cane sugar partly  inverted to fructose & glucose, water, salt, apple pulp, grape syrup, cinnamon, approved colourant and flavouring. Stroopy is made in a HACCP certified facility.


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