Roscherr’s is a family business built on traditional values. We produce an innovative and comprehensive selection of conserves, including 100% fruit jams, marmalades and preserves, each carefully crafted with passion and love.

The original factory was established in the early 1980’s in Montagu in the fruit basket of the Western Cape, South Africa. We believe in a  culture of traditional family values and passion for quality food.

In 2010 a state of the art factory was built to ensure the latest techniques and highest food safety standards could be applied.  Our emphasis remains on producing the best quality products, combining traditional recipes and great passion with good manufacturing practices within a world class facility.

We believe that superior quality is truly appreciated by those who enjoy a lifestyle filled with passion and abundance. Relying on tradition, authenticity and innovation, we take pride in the quality of our products. We never compromise on quality and taste!

Our conserves are individually processed by hand in order to preserve the flavour and wholeness of the fruit.

The Roscherr's Choice Grade, 100% fruit jams, marmalades, savoury jams and preserves are manufactured in a HACCP factory ensuring quality and consistency at all times.

Roscherr's has over 25 years of expertise in the fertile valley of Montagu and we are an avid supporter of sustainable and social growth in the surrounding community.


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Roscherrs Watermelon Preserve
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Watermelon Preserve

Roscherrs Watermelon preserve. This preserve is sweetened with grape concentrate instead of cane sugar. Size: 500g jar.

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