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The Church Street brand was established in 1985 in Montagu in the Western Cape. A lot has changed since those humble beginnings but our passion for creating high quality, traditional products has remained the same.

We specialise in producing the finest quality jams, jellies, marmalade's, preserves and relishes made according to traditional recipes. All our fruit is cooked in smaller batches to retain the integrity of these traditional recipes and to insure a great quality product. All our products are natural and processed by hand.

Every fruit that goes in to the jam is checked by at least one person who are passionate about quality. We combine traditional recipes and know how in our new modern facility and produce more than 30 different products throughout the year.

Most of our creations are seasonal and all our fruit is sourced from the Western Cape, mostly from Montagu and surrounds, famous for the high quality and abundant fruit.

We comply with the highest food safety standards. We are both HACCP & SAFSIS certified.

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Roscherrs-Church Street Jams - Watermelon Preserve 2
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Watermelon Preserve

Church Street Traditional preserve made with watermelon and cane sugar. Size: 340g Jar

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