Savoury jam with zing

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Savoury jam with zing

Roscherrs Sundried Tomato, Chilli & Black Pepper Jam

Savoury jam with zing! This creation is unique and true to the Roscherr’s Savoury range. When fruit is dried the flavours become more intense and concentrated (tomato is off course a fruit!). The tomatoes are dried under the Montagu sun and have a lovely and intense sweet flavour. We roast the chilies, before adding it to the simmering tomatoes, to set the chilli flavours free! For the final touch, we add crushed black peppercorns. This product does not burn your mouth but it lingers on the tongue long after the last bite.

roscherrs-sundried-tomato-chilli-black-pepper-savoury-jam sml


Why is this jam so unique?

  • A special combination of flavours
  • Extra fruit
  • No added preservatives, colourants or flavourings
  • Choice Grade
  • Halaal
  • 3 year shelf life (Check the side of the bottle for the Best Before (BB) date)





Roscherrs sundried tomato chilli pepper jam

Serving suggestions

  • Braai bread with Cheddar & jam on hot coals.
  • For a quick win, empty a bottle of jam over a brick of cream cheese and enjoy with a salty cracker.
  • Toasted health bread with jam and a soft boiled egg.
  • Stun your guest with a phyllo pastry basket filled with a soft cheese and jam.
  • Make a sandwich or Panini with jam, grated cheddar & cold meat like Black Forest Ham.
  • Serve with duck or venison.
  • Use on a pizza base with Feta cheese and smoked beef.
  • Be adventurous and make your own pasta sauce with fresh cream and jam.
  • Grill a large brown mushroom with cheese and jam.
  • Give a feta and sundried tomato quiche some class by adding jam.
  • Make a savoury scone by putting a few teaspoons of jam and extra herbs in the dough mixture.


Find our unique savoury jam and more from the Roscherrs range at Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts stores nationwide.

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