Growing figs benefits local Montagu families


Growing figs benefits local Montagu families

Montagu is well known for it’s fruit industry which fills the surrounding farms in the Langeberg and Koo valleys. Roscherrs only uses locally grown figs for their fig jams and preserves and this benefits many families who live in Montagu.



growing-figs-benefits-local-montagu-families-pilatiousPilatious, a local resident of Montagu delivers locally grown figs to Roscherrs/Church Street. Each year he harvests the fig trees at the homes of local residents in Ashbury.

Approximately 100 fig trees were donated to interested home owners, and each year they receive payment for their local quality fresh figs which we then use to make the finest fig preserves and jams.

Keeping it local and caring for our community!



Zelda Roscherr, founder of Roscherrs & Church Street explains:growing-figs-benefits-local-montagu-families-pilatious-delivery-church-street


“The initiative was started in the 1990s by the first owners Jeanne Biesenbach and Antionette Esterhuyse long before social investment was fashionable. They were visionaries!





We expanded it by giving away about a 100 fig trees a few years ago. The people who cared for their trees now have a few extra ZARs every October – in time for Christmas shopping!

The process is well managed to make sure the rightful owners receive the benefit.

We don’t buy any figs ‘of the street’ because we don’t know who the beneficial owners are.”



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