Keeping it Local ~ Montagu is Lekker!


Keeping it Local ~ Montagu is Lekker!

We are situated down the road from one of our long standing customers, Cape Dried Fruit Packers (Cape Dry). Their factory shop has been selling our jams, preserves, marmalades, relishes etc to visitors for more for 7 years…keeping it Local Montagu is Lekker!

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If you are ever visiting Montagu, Cape Dry are certainly worth popping in. With a factory shop selling a wide variety of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, our products and more they also offer a great meal from Bistro @ Cape Dry Deli, play area for kids, ample parking and a great value wine boutique featuring locally made Montagu Muscadel and other fine regional wines. 

So on your next visit we hope you pop in and say hi and enjoy a wide variety of dried fruit, nuts seeds, Roscherrs and Church St jams and preserves and more.


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Cape Dried Fruit Packers (Pty)Ltd is a well-established company that focuses on quality Dried Fruit Products.

We Export world wide and also import Dried Fruit Products from other regions of the globe to add to our existing local Dried Fruit Product Range.

Our Product Range Comprises of the following:

South African Dried Apricots;
Peaches, Peeled, Unpeeled and Elberta;
Pears, Tomatoes, Dates, Prunes, Mango, Raisins and Dried Fruit Sweet: Cubes, Lollies bars and also a variety of Dates Sweets and bars.

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